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Тест по вивченню видо-часових форм дієслова



















                                  ENGLISH GRAMMAR TESTS




1. Russian people like ... tea.

 a) a           b) the           c) -

 2. ... sun is shining brightly.

 a) a            b) the           c)

3. My brother is at ... home.

 a) the          b) a            c) -

4. Where is ... book?

 a) -              b) the        c) a

5. She bought a cake. ... cake was tasty.

 a) the          b) a           c) -

6. He ... at the theatre yesterday.

 a) is          b) was       c) will be

7. There ... a lot of flowers in the vase.

 a) was          b) are       c) is

8. My friend ... in Moscow now.

 a) is         b) will be        c) are

 9. They ... at the theater now.

 a) am        b) is       c) are

10. ... you a doctor?

 a) is          b) are        c) am

11. I ... a doctor when I grow up.

 a) am     b) will be      c) was

12. We ... five days a week.

 a) work      b) works     c) are working

13. I wanted to ask Tom for help, but saw that          he ... at that moment.

 a) slept       b) is sleeping        c) was sleeping

14. Look! Somebody ... the door.

 a) knocks      b) is knocking       c) will knock

15. I ... some flowers in the garden last Sunday.

 a) plant          b) planted     c) will plant       

16. He ... ...his book yet.

  a) did  finish  b)  hasn't finished  с) doesn’t  finish

  17. ... you ever ... to London?

  a) have been      b) were been      c) will been

18. She______her exam by two o'clock.

a) passed                           c) has passed

b) have passed                    d) had passed

19. It's nine o'clock. The pupils______a lesson.

a) will be having                 c) have

b) are having                     d) have had

20. His friend______two English articles into Russian.

a) translated                      c) has translated

b) have translated               d) translates

21. Doctor Ivanov______people for heart trouble.

a) is treating            c) treats                   d) treat

22.I wonder why John______a job yet.

a) finds                            c) didn't find

b) hasn't found                 d) found

23.  I hope they______this road by the time we come back  next summer.

a) will have repaired           c) will repair

b) would repair                  d) would have repaired

24. George______to the dentist every month.

a) is going          b) goes        c) has gone                                   

25. Jane______married next month.

a) gets                               c) is getting

b) will get                          d) get

26  I saw John in the park. He______on the grass and  __________  a  book .

a) were sitting, reading       c) was sitting, reading

b) sitting, reading               d) sitting, was reading

27. I___my textbook. Can you help me look for it?

a) has lost                           c) lost

b) have lost                         d) lose

28.  When I arrived at the party, Helen wasn't there. She _______home.

a) has gone                          c) had gone

b) have gone                        d) gone

29. The story is so funny. We all_______when we were listen­ing to it.

a) are laughing                    c) laugh

b) have laughed                   d) were laughing

30.  I'm afraid to take the exam because almost everybody _______it.

a) is failing                          c) have failed

b) has failed                        d) fails

31. While I was skiing I______and broke my wrist.

a) fell                                c) fall

b) was falling                     d) have fallen

32.I______what you are talking about.

a) am not understanding    c) didn't understand

b) not understand               d) don't understand

33. She____the key so I climbed through a    window.

a) didn't leave                    c) had left

b) hasn't left                      d) hadn't left

34. While John____a car, his wife was doing the laundiy.

a) was repairing                  c) has been repairing

b) repaired                        d) had repaired

35.  Listen! Ann______the piano in the next room. She   ______for two hours.

a) plays, has been playing

b) is playing, plays

c) is playing, has been playing

d) played, has been playing

36. The train______in two minutes.

a) arrives                           c) is arriving

b) will arrive                      d) to arrive

37. The traffic was so heavy that we______the train.

a) are missing     b) have missed     c) missed                                    

38. Tomorrow at five o'clock, he______football.

a) 'll play            c) 'll be playing           c) play

39.1______this morning but I'm going to have a snack in a bar.

a) didn't eat                      c) have eaten

b) not ate                           d) haven't eaten

40. This time next week he______in the Black Sea.

a) swim                             c) '11 swim

b) 'll be swimming              d) swims

41. My father  felt  very tired when he came home. He_____hard all day.

a) worked                          c) was working

b) had been working           d) has worked

42. Next week he______to London on business.

a) is going                          c) goes

b) is going to go                 d) go

43. It's nine o'clock. It's quiet at school. The pupils______ a  lesson.

a) will be having                 c) have had

b) have                              d) are having

44.  Who ________ my newspaper? It was on my desk a minute ago. 

a)has taken                       c)took

d)takes                              b)have taken

45. Linda’s apartment looks nice and tidy because she_______  it every two years. 

a)redecorates                           c)has redecorated

 b)redecorated                         d)has been redecorating

46.  I didn’t see Linda last month because she ________around Europe at that time. 

a)travelled                             c)had travelled

d)had been travelling          d) was travelling     

47.He was taken to the police station because he _________into a car in front of him. 

a)crashed                           c)didn’t crash

b)wasn’t crashing             d)had crashed  

48.John has bought this TV set on credit. He ______ all the money by the first of August. 

a)will pay                    c)will have paid

b)is paying                   d) will be paying    

49. She _______ dinner when the door suddenly opened.

a) was cooking                  c)  were cooking 

b) cooked                           d  is cooking

50. When I arrived, the film _________.

a) had already started             c)  started already

 b)already had started             d) had started yet

  51.We _____________ our flat by 7 o’clock.

 a) cleans                           c) were cleaning

b) had cleaned                  d) have cleaned

52. He __________ in the garden from 5 till 8 

 yesterday .

a) will work                     c) was working

b) worked                        d) is working

53. Look!  She ___________  to us.

a) went                              c) goes

b) was going                      d) is going 

54. Pete ______ already  ________  school.

a) is finishing                   c) have finished

b) has finished                 d) finished

55.He ___________  his car now.                        

a) washes             c) is washing

b) wash                  d) washing 

56. We ____________ our  last  holidays

at the seaside.

a) spent                             c) spend 

b) will spend                     d) were spending

57. Don’t make noise! Father __________.

a) works                             c) worked  

b) is working                      d) has worked

58. Next Sunday they __________ to our place.

a) came                  c) are coming

b) come                  d) will come